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Shawenon Communications

Why should Susanna Opper handle your next business writing project?

Shawenon....means beautiful place

When you work with me,

…people get your message.

Your readers will:

Great writing has value. Whether your words will be informative and conversational for your Web site or educational and dramatic for your book, they must be clear. Good writing is easy to scan, understandable and, ultimately, riveting.

…the research cycle is economical.

My years of experience have taught me how to learn what I need to know about your organization without wasting time. That means faster turnaround and efficient use of your people and resources.

…the first draft matches your specs.

Then I fine tune it to perfection. My writing experience enables me to use your voice, not my own. The style, syntax, pace and content will all match your requirements. If you've had painful writing experiences in the past, expect to enjoy the process this time.

…all stakeholders support the project.

Writing is a solitary experience. But I'm an extrovert—I like being part of a team. My career has been built on collaboration. By mediating between differing points of view, I help create a whole that satisfies everyone.

“Susanna has an impressive ability to grasp the complexities of business and then cut away to essentials. Most important, she weaves all this into writing that is relaxing and refreshing to read.”

Joan Linden, MBA Strategic Planning Consultant

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