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Whether you want to communicate about technology, a new product or service, business processes or human interactions, I'll be at home with your topic. Not counting the stories about Spike the cat that I wrote in the third grade, I've been writing for a long time. I've covered technology—from how groups of people can work better together using computers to cleaning crude-oil tanks on supertankers. I've explained business processes—from geologic exploration for minerals to financial planning systems for global corporations. And I've interpreted business interactions from sales strategy to customer relationship management.

“Susanna is easy to work with, a very fast learner, a good communicator—listening, speaking, and writing—and a fountain of ideas. She's flexible in the way she attacks problems—modifying her approach to meet the needs of the client. She's prompt with deliverables, efficient in her use of time and in general a high-energy, indefatigable person.”

Paul M. Cashman, Director of Product Management, Scan-Optics Inc.

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