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Web Words' mission is to help business
people be smart and effective online. Each
monthly issue includes email marketing
insights, a personal observation about
technology and a practical Web tip.

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Susanna Opper

Web Words is one of my favorite e-newsletters. Short and lots of helpful, practical marketing tips across a broad spectrum of subjects. I always learn something new or get reminded to get back on track with some program I am working on. Susanna, keep up the good 'word'!”

   —Steven M. Egna, Director of Business Advisory Services
   Teal Becker & Chiaramonte, CPAs, P.C.

“I literally smile when I see your newsletter in my in-box --- it's friendly, fun, and always full of interesting information. Always well written. I feel like the two of us are having a private conversation!”

   —Eve Kennedy, Mujita Web Design

Web Words is one of a handful of E-zines that I read from start to finish. As a writer, I know quality writing when I see it. And Web Words shines. I enjoy reading it and especially love following the links to Susanna's friends and associates. I feel as though her network is open to me. What generosity!”

   —Judy Shenouda, Shenouda Associates Inc.

“When I scan the email in-box there are only a few seconds in which to get my attention. One, is your name, Susanna Opper; trustworthy and reliable. It gets another second. Two, is the simplicity of Web Words. It doesn't overwhelm me with too much information. Three is that I need diversity in thinking. The same ideas can be re-communicated in different fashions freshly. You seem to do that well. It gets me reading the e-letter. Thank you.”

   —Christopher Blair, Design+Planning

“I read every word of Web Words because it is such a well written newsletter and a breath of fresh air. Susanna has shared many pearls of wisdom for communicating with clients. Also she introduced me to Constant Contact and helped me launch an electronic newsletter for a not-for-profit I am affiliated with.”

   —Barbara C. Bird, Bird Consulting Group

“Susanna's passion for effective communications comes through every paragraph in Web Words.”

   —Gloria Gordon, Gordon Link

“I was delighted when I first read your e-newsletter and now look forward to receiving it regularly! There is always a new perspective and something to learn. Since it's so well written, it's easy to read and then to share with others!”

   —Abbie J. von Schlegell, a. von schlegell & co

Take a look at some or our back issues.
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