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Nothing ephemeral—a ghostwriter is a real partner

You have a tale to tell, an experience to share, a cause to explain. You want to write a book—but you think you lack the skill, discipline, patience, time or all of these. Collaborate with a ghostwriter—someone who has been there before from book proposal to galley proofs. A skilled ghostwriter will tell your story in your words, help you with the strategy, the structure and those dark nights of the soul when you know you can't go on.

My book—TECHNOLOGY FOR TEAMS: Enhancing Productivity in Networked Organizations—was published in 1992 and saw several printings. It foretold an era of electronic collaboration in which geographically dispersed groups would move projects forward from computer to computer. Written before the Internet was ubiquitous and email had reached critical mass, I talked about things that hadn't yet happened.

Here are some chapters published in other books.

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