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Your name in cyberspace

What sets you apart from your competition?  What makes your products special or your service exceptional?  I'll help you discover the answers to these questions.  Then, together, we'll build a plan and execute a strategy that will make you proud of your website.

Web content is critical.  The eyeballs that visit your site will be gone in a few blinks unless you have a compelling message.  Although some people still try, you can't take your brochure and dump it on the web with a few format changes.

Shawenon Communications delivers the write words for your message. We offer services in these areas:

Revisions, updates and renovations

It was the 90's and you had to have a website, so you made your presence known on the Internet.  But you haven't touched it since, and your website isn't doing you much good.  In fact, if the truth be told, it's a slight embarrassment.  Working with skilled web designers and technicians, I can help you get spiffed up for the 21st century.  For an affordable investment, you can gain visibility and attract targeted visitors.



First-time websites

It's time.  You need a website to get your message out, sell your product or offer your service.  But creating your presence on the web is like building a house—an almost never-ending series of decisions.  From selecting your web address to finding a company to host your site, there are a myriad of interlocking choices, each of which is critical and confusing.  I can clear the uncertainty by taking you step by step through the process.  Keeping an eye on your budget, I'll find just the right developer for you and create snappy copy for your site.

Here are some examples:




Collaborations with web developers and designers

Web developers are skilled at the design and build process.  I do words.  Clients need all three.  I work directly with clients or through developers to deliver content.  The words I suggest will delight website visitors and entice them to consider the offering or pick up the phone for more information.  Depending on the requirements, I create copy from scratch or edit client text to suit the web.

We had no idea how to even start our website project. We needed you for everything - coordination, designer selection, writing. What would we have done without you? I am very picky about writing styles and I was impressed. You really captured who we are in words and the designer matched that with color and presentation. You lifted a huge burden from us. We love the result and, biggest surprise of all, it was actually fun!

Kate Feldman, Conscious Relationships Institute, www.ConsciousRelationships.com

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